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Add On - Black V Bracket (Suitable for Blaliden)

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  • This listing is for V shape brackets only, light kit is sold separately and not included.

  • Each set includes 4 V-shape 45 Degree Black Aluminum Brackets and 4 Diffuser covers, designed specifically for a single cabinet application.

  • The brackets are pre-cut to a length of 29cm, perfectly suited for use with our LED strips for Blaliden cabinet (sold separately). The slightly longer length ensures that the soldering point on the strips is not stressed.

  • To install, simply use double-sided adhesive tape (not included) to attach the brackets to the shelves.

  • These brackets effectively direct light inward towards your prized collection with their 45-degree directing angles.

  • The intentionally open and exposed ends of the brackets allow for heat dissipation, and there are no unsightly or bulky connectors on our light kit (sold separately). The direct solder joint and smaller footprint ensure unobstructed airflow, making them a well-thought-out design for worry-free application.

Installation steps:

  1. Remove the diffuser cover.

  2. Attach your existing LED strip (you may want to apply new adhesive tape on the bracket first) or a new LED strip onto the bracket.

  3. Choose whether to clip on the diffuser cover or leave it uncovered based on your preference.

  4. Apply your own double-sided adhesive tape to the bracket and affix it below the front edge of the shelves.

Other items you will need (not included):


  • Minor scuff marks or machining burrs may be present on some parts of the bracket frame due to the factory fabrication and cutting process. These scuffs are minimal and do not impact the overall appearance after installation.

  • Some diffuser covers are  fabricated slightly longer to aid with production at the supplier's factory. If needed, you can easily trim them down with a pair of scissors.
  • Cabinet and light kits are not included.