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Add On - UV Tone USB Light (Suitable for Baliden)

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  • The light kits are individually handcrafted and feature direct soldering, eliminating unsightly or bulky connectors on both ends.

  • Each set includes four UV tone 5050 LED strips, specifically designed for enhancing the luminosity of your collections, illuminating security features on currency notes, and more. These are genuine UV LEDs, not purple lights. They can be added side by side with our main tone light kit.

  • Suitable for standard shelf height Blaliden installations, the USB cord provided is 2 meters long.

  • No drilling is required for installation.

  • The light strips come with adhesive for easy installation and setup.

  • These lights are USB-powered and compatible with power banks, mobile phone chargers, USB hubs, and more. They can be used internationally. In comparison to traditional 12V power brick light sets available in the market, our USB 5V light kit consumes lower power, emits less heat, and helps prevent degradation of your valuable collections.

  • Premium grade translucent grey wires, specially designed and fabricated for our product, ensure hassle-free wire management, eliminating unsightly wires.

Notes before ordering:

  • UV lights operate best in low or no light environments, as their frequency is above the visible spectrum.

  • They are recommended as a complement to your existing light system and not as the main source of illumination.

  • Brackets are not necessary to enhance the UV experience, but if used, it is advised to remove the diffuser cover as it can interfere with the illumination.

  • These light kits require a USB power source (USB adapter, USB hub, etc.), which is not included.

  • Please be aware that LEDs may have color tone variations across different batches. To ensure consistency, if you have four Detolfs, we recommend purchasing four light sets together from the same batch. It is not advisable to purchase one set initially and three sets later, as this may result in different color tone variations.

  • The last 3ft of the USB cord is black in color.