Luke Light

Add On - Shelf Clips (Suitable for Detolf)

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  • These grey 3D printed clips are designed to maximize your Detolf by adding additional glass shelves (shelves not included).

  • Each set of four clips can support up to 3.5kg of weight, providing sturdy support for your add-on shelves.

  • With our newer nut placement design, the nuts are securely positioned inside the clips, ensuring easy installation without the hassle of nuts falling or getting misplaced.

  • We use more material and provide a more solid construction compared to cheaper clips available in the market. Our clips are printed with a substantial 80% infill at the bending area, making them highly durable and resistant to cracking, even with heavy collectibles.

  • Each set includes 12 clips.

  • Please note that different batches of raw printing material may result in slight variations in grey tone. To ensure receiving the same grey tone, we recommend making all the required purchases in a single order. Ordering separately may result in different grey tones for each order.