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Add On - Silver V Shape Bracket (Diffuser Cover)

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- V shape brackets only, light kit not included and are sold separately

- Each set comes with 4 x V-shape 45 Degree Aluminum Brackets and 4 x Diffuser covers; for 1 detolf cabinet application.

- They are all pre-cut to 32cm(+/-.5mm) long; works great with our 30cm long strips(sold separately), they are designed to be slightly longer so that it won't stress the soldering point on the strips!

- All you need are just double side adhesive tape(not included) to paste them on the shelves.

- They work extremely great in directing light inwards your prized collection due to its 45 degree directing angles.

- Both end are intentionally open and expose for heat dissipation, no ugly or chunky connector on our light kit(sold separately) with direct solder joint & much smaller footprint that do not block out air flow; great design thought-out with peace of mind application.

For who?

- If you prefer softer illumination on your collections, go with diffuser cover option!



1) Take off the diffuser cover.

2) Paste your existing LED strip(you may want to apply new adhesive tape on the bracket first) or new LED strips onto the bracket.

3) Decide if you would like to clip the diffuser cover on or leave it without the cover; your preference!

4) Apply your own double side adhesive tape on the bracket and paste it below the front shelves edge.


What else(not included) do you need?

- Lukelight light kits.

- Clear double sided adhesive tape.


- Products might have small scuff on some part of the bracket frame due to factory fabrication & cutting process. They are very minor and do not affect the overall appeal upon installation.

- Cabinet & lighting are not included.