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Main Kit - White Tone USB Light (Suitable for Detolf)

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  • The light kits are individually handcrafted and feature direct soldering, eliminating unsightly and bulky connectors on both ends. This design ensures a smaller footprint and better airflow when used in conjunction with our v-bracket set (sold separately).

  • Each set includes four pure white tone 5050 LED strips and is intended for installation in a single cabinet.

  • Specifically designed for standard shelf height Detolf installations, the USB cord provided is 2 meters long.

  • No drilling is required for installation.

  • The light strips come with adhesive for easy installation and setup.

  • These lights are USB-powered and compatible with power banks, mobile phone chargers, USB hubs, and more. They can be used internationally. In comparison to traditional 12V power brick light sets available in the market, our USB 5V light kit consumes less power, emits less heat, and helps protect your valued collection from degradation.

  • Premium grade translucent grey wires, exclusively designed and fabricated for our product, ensure hassle-free wire management, leaving no unsightly wires behind.

  • Each light kit includes complimentary grey zip ties for a seamless installation experience.

  • Our light kits can be installed with or without our Silver or Black V-Shape Aluminum Brackets (sold separately).

Notes before ordering:

  • Please be aware that LEDs may have color tone variations across different batches. To ensure consistency, if you have four Detolfs, we recommend purchasing four light sets together from the same batch. It is not advisable to purchase one set initially and three sets later, as this may result in different color tone variations.

  • These light kits require a USB power source (USB adapter, USB hub, etc.), which is not included.

  • We do not recommend using third-party brackets that are 1ft (30cm) long with our light kit, as they may cause stress and potential damage to the solder joints.

  • The last 3ft of the USB cord is black in color.